13 Jul 2012

Easiest Trick [How to] Remotly Control your PC Using Email or SMS with TweetMyPc

Suppose you Reach at your Home and Forgot to Shutdown your Office Computer,Or you are a Passionate about Internet and Love to Download or Something similar.so what to do next? Don't wary Just Send SMS or Email and your Computer will Shutdown soon!!,You can also send a many Command like Shut DownLog Off, Reboot, Lock,Standby, Hibernate,Download file or many more.This all done with help of TweetMyPc which is use your Twitter Account.


TweetMyPC is a little software-application for Windows, written in VB.Net using the .Net-Framework v3.5 SP1, which allows you to control and access your computer from anywhere by simply sending a twitter-message with a special command as its content.

How to use TweetMyPC

  • Download TweetMyPc Software from its Official Site Click Here
  • Install TweetMyPc on your PC
  • Setup a Twitter Account and Gmail Account As Shown in Above Picture.(We Recommended that Create a new Twitter Account as Keyword like Shutdown,reboot is directly shown as Tweet in your account)
  • Now Press Save and Hide.
That's it Now you successfully Configure your Account Send a Command Message from your twitter Account

List Of Command Meassage

you can Directly Go to Website Click Here
TweetMyPc is Supported major Act like Shutdown,restart,logoff,Lock Screen,Download URl direct,Take a Screen Shot and many more.

How to Send Commands to the Remote Computer

Now that your basic configuration is done, it’s time to set up a posting method. You can use email, SMS, IM, web or any of the Twitter clients to send commands to the remote computer.
  • By Email: Associate you Twitter account with Posterous (auto-post) and all email messages sent to twitter@posterous.com will therefore become commands for the remote computer. 
  • By SMS: If you live in US, UK, Canada, India, Germany, Sweden or New Zeleand, you can send associate Twitter with your mobile phone (see list of numbers) and then control your remote computer via SMS Text Messages.
  • By IM: Add the Twitter bot – twitter@twitter.com – to your list of Google Talk buddies and you can then send commands via instant message.
  • By Web:If you are on vacation but have access to an internet connected laptop, just log into the Twitter website and issue commands (e.g., shutdown or logoff) just as another tweet.

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