12 Feb 2013

Tips & Tricks [How] to Quick Book Your Tatkal Tickets on IRCTC Website

In India Train way is a cheapest way to travel, and hence over the year it’s convenient to book a ticket from IRCTC official website (www.irctc.co.in). So as a result IRCTC become India's leading E-commerce Site with highest transaction in travel category. But ugly truth is booking tatkal tickets from IRCTC website is headache now a day because site is open from 10 am for tatkal booking and getting traffic from all over in India, as a result some time site is crashed (low bandwidth) or you are not able to login in first try. Currently it is said to sell 45,000 Tatkal tickets between 10 am to 11 am (or may be less time) so it is  natural that traffic is huge between this time, Recently IRCTC upgrade its server to 64GB RAM, This will allow 80 lakh travellers to access IRCTC website compare to previous 10 lakh. Still we are facing same problem. So here I am for giving you a Tips and Tricks to book Faster Tatkal tickets on IRCTC website.
Tips to Quick Book Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC 

First, Tatkal booking start from 10 am. A Person can only book two tatkal tickets on one user id and get maximum 6 person ticket on each booking so for more you have to login from other user ids. The toughest task is, you have to login into website, for that try to login on different browser and with different ids.

 Solution for "Session expired" Error

 Many time you face this error "Session expire" that mean you have to start from beginning, and your important time will flow and start again from login. Reason of this is screen is goes ideal for 3 min. For avoid this problem you have to check that screen doesn't go ideal for 3 minutes, because as soon as it does , you will get "Session Expire" error.
Solution or this is, avoid the session from expiring or keeping the page active. There are two tricks for it which is follow
  1.  Easy way to keep your session active is go to IRCTC website »» Login »» General »» Terms & Condition. Copy URL of Terms & Condition and Paste it to another browser and keep same (Or refresh) on 3 min interval.
  2. Second is, By the use of  this link. All you need to do is make a note of the Session ID and the Engine ID (from the address bar), replace it with your session and engine IDs and use the URL in another browser, For example, if you are using Firefox, then use it in Chrome and keep doing it till you complete your booking process (This is bit complicated and useless too).
Session ID and Engine ID on Address Bar

Solution for  "Service Unavailable" Error

While in this case, don't close your tab or  login back, Keep refreshing your tab till your page coming back at same Position. This is happen because much load on IRCTC server and mostly you will get this error on payment page because of filtration process from IRCTC servers.
The IRCTC website is with heavy traffic and hence slow during tatkal booking so be patient and do not double click on anything on website or hit backspace as this will take you to first step of login.

Tricks to Quick Book your Tatkal Tickets

Magic Autofill for Indian Railway

Go to Magic AutoFill , on that page fill your all detail and click on "I’m feeling lucky" so after that Magic Autofill button generate on right bottom side bookmark that link. Note that this process will complete before reservation time so your time for typing Name, ID number etc etc will save and you get more chances for tickets.
After that go to your IRCTC account, on Passenger detail page click that bookmark link so your passenger detail is auto fill and you can proceed next step faster!!.

Using Ad-ons or extension 

In this you have to install extension which is available for Firefox as well as Chrome , this is a similar like auto fill but difference is, you have to go to passenger detail page before 15 min and write all detail. When Tatkal booking begun, your passenger detail is autofill by this add-ons or extension.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Software

I have no much detail about this software but i find this video on youtube, On its channel contact number and website of this software is listed. You can get more detail on http://xtremeinfo.hpage.com/

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